• £1.5 million efficiencies generated and patient attendance increased by 23,000 in 1 year – Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust

  • Market leaders sending over 120 million patient communications every year!

  • ‘With just a few key taps, you access all the patient insights & trends! This is so valuable to deliver a positive patient experience.’ – Janice Biffen, Outpatient Matron – East Kent Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust

  • Saving £1.2 million every year by reducing DNA’s to 5.4%– Derby Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust

  • Working with over 115 Trusts across the UK

30% FFT response rates leads to new patient experience initiatives

Real time patient experience feedback and analytics drives service improvement at East Kent

At Aintree, high response rates and automated data capturing drives service improvements

DNA’s were reduced by 5% which generated £1million income for Leeds NHS Trust

East Kent reduced DNA levels by 20.6% and had advanced warning of 8,132 cancellations

Over 20,000 appointments were re-utilised at Royal Surrey saving £2million in costs

You can rely on our multi-award winning platform

HSJ Partnership Awards
G-Cloud 11
NHS Wales
NHS in the North
Paperless Awards 2019

Patient communication

A multi channel approach achieves full patient coverage with the highest connection rate at the lowest possible cost.

  • Text

    Highly effective & cost efficient! 93% of UK adults own a mobile phone and 98% of all texts are opened!

  • Voice

    A real human voice and a sophisticated script to patient landlines & mobiles. Cost effective way for in depth patient insight.

  • Agent

    Office based agents for data security. In 1 month calls generate £38,280 in potential income at East Sussex Healthcare Trust

  • Post

    We can dramatically reduce Trust letter costs with guaranteed results

  • Patient Portal

    Exciting new technology that delivers digital appointment letters. Potential to save millions in reducing postal costs.

  • Online

    Patients that complete online surveys often give more detailed & truthful responses away from the provider’s environment.

  • Kiosk

    Collect patient feedback when they are most fresh and in the moment!

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