2018 UK population mobile behaviour report

How did we ever survive without one? From navigating unknown streets with ease, to managing finances and ordering a taxi and tracking arrival in real time, our lives have fundamentally changed with the smartphone mobile evolution.

With smartphone ownership already at 85% and set to grow to 92% in 2023, a mobile first strategy is now essential in patient communications.

This report provides 2018 insights into patient mobile behaviour to support your digital agenda and spark new ways to communicate with our ‘always on’ population.


  • SMS is still the most popular of communication with over 92.2% of users favouring this means of communication – a priority engagement channel. Think beyond just reminders and consider waiting list validation and flu jab awareness campaigns
  • 49% of the population use their phone to watch videos –  would pre appointment preparation and surgery recovery instructions be more effective on this platform?
  • 74.5% of people complete surveys on their mobile and 85% of respondents welcome text appointment reminder messages

This report is FREE to download for NHS staff to support business case progression using smartphone technology.