We send over 100 million patient communications a year for 350 UK hospitals, so we’re well placed to send vital messages at scale to your patients.

FAQ’s Covid-19 chatbot assistant

The chatbot provides instant answers to nearly 200 of the most frequently asked Covid-19 questions and is updated daily with any guidance changes. This can be sent out rapidly to 1000’s of patients via SMS or added to trust websites to deflect calls from overstretched frontline staff and 111. Help patients access the right information from trusted sources without adding to hospital pressures.

London North West Healthcare NHS Trust are now live with the chatbot on their website. 

Instant patient messaging

  • We’re sending 100,000’s of instant, automated SMS messages to convert face to face appointments to video or telephone, connection links for virtual clinics and to keep patients updated on the changing Covid-19 situation. Templates are designed and ready for immediate use.
  • Templates are also set up for notification of cancelled clinics and what patients should do if they’re displaying symptoms. Many of our trusts are sending guidance links out with reminders too. Messages are conversational, enabling patients to respond digitally, rather than phoning in.
  • The whole workflow is automated so staff can focus on patients in this challenging time, rather than time consuming admin and phone calls.

This can be set up instantly for any NHS service with no license fees, SMS templates ready to populate and our experienced support team on hand for guidance. 

“At a time when the goalposts are constantly moving, it is very difficult to communicate with large groups of patients to let them know what is happening with their appointment. The rapid support from Healthcare Communications to change our messages on a daily basis has been vital, thank you.”

Alex Seward, MSK Service Manager – Connect Health

Video consultations and virtual clinics

Our eClinic video consultation platform enables clinicians to convert entire clinic lists to virtual appointments. Healthcare workers can also use the platform to immediately assess urgent patients who cannot attend in person.

Where eClinic differs to other video providers, is that the entire PAS clinic list is automatically replicated on the platform with patient demographics and contact details. All the clinician needs to do is click a button to be virtually face to face with the next patient.

This is an essential strategy to safeguard against services being overwhelmed in the future with rebooking of today’s cancelled appointments. 

For the patient, there is no app download required and the patient simply clicks on a link to launch the session.

Patient pathway e-forms

Patients can now complete a digital symptom checker, triage, pre assessment and follow up forms remotely. Once completed, the information is instantly returned to the hospital for assessment.

Wellness checks can also be triggered for patients who are self isolating with Covid-19 symptoms for staff to remotely monitor.

The team can then direct the patient to the right pathway if they need to be seen and offer flexibility in how they can attend the appointment – by video, telephone or required to be seen in person. This frees up capacity for patients that need to be prioritised and reduces the number of appointments for patients that don’t add any health value.

Digital first patient letters

Certain patient groups require urgent and instant information about self isolating, urgent care and cancelled clinics. This is already happening at mass in primary care. By sending letters out digitally, hospitals can included links to guidance and self care videos with opens tracked. Patients that do not open the digital option, will automatically receive a postal letter.

Please contact covid19@healthcomm.uk to arrange set up of the above digital channels.