The Countess of Chester NHS Trust collected only 68 Outpatient responses in 2015, ranking the Trust at the bottom of it’s peer league group. Results drew the attention of NHS England and local commissioners demanded a rapid turnaround strategy to increase feedback.

The Issues:

  • Only paper surveys were used to collect feedback
  • Patients who don’t feel comfortable giving feedback in the providers environment, had no other way to offer feedback
  • No common improvement themes emerge with such a low volume of responses

The Phenomenal Turnaround!

  • By adding SMS and IVM survey channels, 30% of OP patients returned feedback, responses jumped to 5511 in 1 month!
  • Staff could now access real time results about the service they provide, increasing buy in and sparking innovative ideas to engage patients more
  • The Learning and Development team created new training initiatives based on feedback themes

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