East Kent were already using Healthcare Communications Appointment Management to successfully reduce Did Not Attends (DNA’s) in Outpatients. Our Envoy Messenger software was then implemented to automate tedious FFT processes, alleviate staff admin burden and boost response rates.

Results were immediate, within one month A&E response rates doubled and trust wide implementation meant East Kent successfully achieved all CQUIN response targets throughout FFT roll out. The trust continues to exceed response rates of 40% to meet internal KPI’s and ensure critical mass feedback instigates change.

East Kent list the main benefits of our solution as:

  • Real time feedback specific to ward/clinic or Trust wide and easily accessed
  • Monthly Auto reports for rapid information sharing to hundreds of staff
  • Automated data collation that ‘doesn’t require our staff to capture the information’
  • Multiple survey communication methods tailored to clinic/ward patient demographics
  • Ability to theme positive/negative key words to Trust focus areas and values

To reach all patient groups, a blend of text, Interactive Voice messaging, online and paper communications are used. Our intelligence ensures the most cost effective solution is used first to align with Trust saving efficiencies.

Driving service improvements

Automated trend analysis relating to the phrase ‘waiting times’ prompted the following:

  • To ensure patients stay for their consultation, staff regularly visit the waiting area with updates, check patients are comfortable and supply refreshments.
  • In A&E, TV’s now display waiting times and service improvements to encourage further feedback
  • In double booked clinics, the Comments Report revealed some patients felt ‘they were on a conveyor belt’ or ‘didn’t want to waste doctor’s time’. The real time nature of feedback meant it was immediately raised at the divisional KPI meeting. A key objective is to develop substantive clinics, rather than overbooking as an answer to capacity demands.
  • Significantly reduced negative comments surrounding the issue, which is also evident in the increase of relating ‘Recommends’.

You said, we did

  • A constant theme flagged on the dashboard was lack of Wi-Fi access. Although previously mentioned to nursing staff, Envoy’s Comments report provided evidence to support change; Wi-Fi is now rolling out across the trust.
  • A common inpatients issue highlighted by key word theming was noisy wards at night. A pilot of eye masks and ear plugs is now in place and impact can be measured by a reduction in comments around this complaint.
  • Our Envoy software enables users to drill down to feedback specific to their ward/clinic. For example, an outpatient manager was alerted through the word cloud that lack of  waiting room seating was a common complaint. An easy fix, with the purchase of more chairs

Outpatient Matron, Janice Biffen states ‘With just a few key taps, you access all the patient feedback insights and trends! This is so valuable to support change in delivering a more effective and positive patient experience.’

Improved staff morale

NHS England noted that the by product of FFT is the unexpected boost to staff morale. At East Kent, the positive feedback word clouds generated from Envoy are displayed in wards. Staff feel valued, appreciated and proud to receive such comments, with some personal mentions receiving Trust letters of recognition. At monthly staff meetings, positive/negative feedback is discussed to reinforce great practise and highlight improvement areas to focus on.