• Requirement for versatility regarding feedback analysis and drilling down to more specific topics.
  • Free text analysis is a time consuming, manual process and qualitative responses are hard to quantify.
  • Creation of ‘You said, we did’ posters is a manual method involving data and information from different platforms. This requires being typing up by hand which is time consuming for the member of staff.
  • NHS England reporting previously involved running report, manually converting to numbers and working out the percentages to fit into the template, also taking one staff member half a day to complete.
  • Frequently needing to replace QR codes that were being set up with a range of providers once the links would stop working without warning.
  • Lacking in admin staff time availability to input data from paper copies of FFT cards as this is also a long process by hand.

“If you don’t know what you are doing well, and you aren’t told, then there is a chance you won’t continue doing it, so we really
encourage our staff to look at the feedback they are receiving.” – Lesley Whittaker, Senior Enhancing Experience Matron, Nursing, Experience and Engagement

Smart solution

Healthcare Communications Envoy software delivers real time patient feedback with the latest analytics enabling staff to focus on engagement rather than the manual burden of response collection and interpretation.

  • LSCFT are now sharing their digital surveys with patients via QR codes presented in many locations and formats around the Trust to increase patient engagement, such as on posters, letterheads.
  • Within Envoy, staff can produce QR code easily and quickly at the touch of a button, removing the stress of previous complicated processes.
  • The FFT question is built into their video consultations platform so that people are automatically presented with the chance to leave feedback at the end of the call, which is then reported back to Envoy guaranteeing all appointment modes are covered.
  • 12 months ago, the Trust started to offer a paper postcard option for those who can’t or don’t want to engage digitally, while still including the QR code to give patients the option to begin building their digital confidence, to ensure their survey strategy is accessible for all.
  • Pre-paid envelopes are supplied for patients to post back their cards if they want to, avoiding any bias and ensuring patients are comfortable providing feedback.
  • Staff have ownership of feedback related to their teams via their role-based user accounts, and team leaders can use filters in Envoy software to drill down by specialty and department and receive automated reports at the start of the month.
  • Visual graphs and reports are ‘meeting ready’ with the click of a button and the Trust can easily request new reports through their dedicated Healthcare Communications account manager.

“The platform is so versatile. We love the dashboard word clouds, which allows us to click on any word within the cloud and instantly see all the related responses. It’s also a great morale boost to highlight positive patient feedback for staff!” – Pauline Brown, Experience Manager, Experience and Engagement, Nursing and Quality Directorate


  • 4,325 pieces received in Quarter 3 through digital multi-channel surveys.
  • Envoys intuitive functionality informs the LSCFT’s efforts to create actions from their valuable patient feedback, as well as dramatically saving time previously spent on inefficient data collection and analysis.
  • NHS England reports can now be pulled instantly from Envoy to be copied and pasted directly into the NHS England template. This saves half a day’s work for staff and enables reliable data reporting for essential statistics.
  • The Trust have set their automated reports up with extra formatting including breakdowns of comments and the applicable service information, enabling a deep dive into data and significant time saved by pinpointing relevant comments out of large quantities of data.
  • ‘You said, we did’ posters can be generated instantly as the software pulls in all necessary data from the system, making it a much quicker and easier process for staff to display their wins around the hospital, and further encouraging patients to give feedback.
  • Online surveys can be easily converted to one of 102 languages at the click of a button. This clever tool gives the option to hear the questions read out aloud or converts them to the patient’s chosen language, ensuring every patient can leave feedback on their care.

Next steps

  • LSCFT are currently in the process of scoping the logistics for distributing surveys via SMS using the Healthcare Communications platform.
  • The team plan to explore the Sentiment Analysis tool further, where AI analytics uncover and report on positive and negative phrases within a patient comment, dramatically saving staff time normally spent on qualitative analysis.
  • The Team are starting a new incentive for feedback by providing a trophy and ‘selfie’ frame, a set for each of the 5 Networks. The service winner in each Network will receive the trophy and ‘selfie’ frame and photo-record their achievement, to promote further by showcasing through Twitter and cascade in the Communications emails to staff Trust wide.