United Lincolnshire Hospital Trust (ULHT) needed to send essential Covid-19 travel documents out to over 9000 staff quickly and securely. Several things had to be considered due to the pandemic:

  • Admin staff were already overloaded, a labour intensive process was not feasible
  • Possible delays to postal services, with no assurance staff have received the document
  • Easy to access when staff are travelling
  • Confirmation staff had received and read communications

Solution – Staff portal 

Digital staff communication portal for instant Covid19 updates

  • Staff receive travel passes and important updates straight to their mobile
  • Instant delivery and staff can access information anywhere
  • 1 click button for staff to confirm they have received and read the documents
  • Additional essential reading and updates can be attached
  • Automated process, so minimal staff involvement required
  • Highly secure, minimising the risk of fraudulent activity


  • Rapid deployment, the whole project was completed within a day
  • Instant notification of delivery and open rates
  • 78% of staff accessed the documents digitally, staff that didn’t were automatically sent a postal letter
  • Attached additional communications from the Chief Executive and important advice
  • Analytics dashboard showed 86% of staff had viewed the attachments
  • At least 80% saved on postal costs
  • A digital record of delivery info and a ‘click here’ for staff to confirm they had read the information

‘Thank you to Healthcare Communications for their super speedy turnaround in supplying the Trust with an adapted portal. This enabled a quicker and more efficient way to contact staff with essential documents and information they need during COVID-19.’

Kelly Wymer – Digital Transformation Project Manager