‘You Said, We Did’ changes improve patient experience


  • United Lincolnshire started trialling the FFT solution from Healthcare Communication using text, in February 2014 across Accident and Emergency (A&E) and a limited number of Inpatients wards too.
  • FFT scores doubled following implementation and doubled again by the third month with the onset of IVM (Interactive human voice messaging) – a solution that uses sophisticated scripts to landlines and/or mobiles.


  • To initially launch the FFT solution using SMS to avoid a further month of poor response rates
  • To have the option of being able to introduce IVM further down the line to boost the response rates even further
  • To avoid the inefficiencies of using paper, freeing up time for staff to focus on other important areas.
  • To identify service improvements across the Trust and to action plan for enhanced patient experience.

Benefits to the trust

Significant benefits within the A&E department and the selected Inpatient wards were quickly realised including:

  • The immediate relief of internal time and effort by using SMS and IVM instead of paper
  • Instant access to real-time feedback and the ability to set key words and themes to understand groups of patient comments
  • Doubling of response rates from 7% in January 2014 to 16% post implementation (128% increase)
  • A further doubling to 29% in May 2014 following the introduction of IVM
  • The emailing of reports by the Trust Board to everyone involved from Ward Sisters to Business Managers ensuring key points are made visible throughout the Trust.

Benefits to the patient

By using the solution from Healthcare Communications, feedback has been analysed and quick and meaningful benefits to the patients have already been realised:

  • A&E and Inpatients staff have taken ownership of a “You said, we did” plan which identifies three key areas of improvement that each department focus on. These plans are visible on noticeboards keeping the patients and visitors up to date with future service developments
  • Some inpatients were unhappy about their tea being cold by the time the trolley reached the last few beds. So two members of staff now pour the hot drinks, halving the amount of time it took originally
  • Improvements to the day room have also been implemented with magazines being made available to those using this facility
  • Complaints were made about the cleanliness of the toilet facilities in A&E so the Trust has increased the level of cleaning to help overcome this issue.

Following implementation success within A&E, our FFT solution has since been rolled out to Outpatients, Inpatients, Day Cases and Maternity.