On 14 May, we held a forum for Outpatient staff to exchange ideas and discover new strategies to tackle the capacity crisis.

What resonated amongst NHS peers is how conversational SMS reminders greatly impact on DNA’s and slot reutilisation.

Why? The ease for a patient to respond CANCEL/REBOOK via SMS rather than phoning, waiting on hold….convenience dictates our busy lives!

Guest Speakers: Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust

Rob Child, Programme Manager and Sally Child, Project Manager, discussed their Reminder appointment implementation journey from objectives to outcomes. High DNA rates of 12.2% supported piloting new reminder technology to gauge impact.  Our solution, using a combination of two-way texting and Interactive Voice Messaging (IVM), rapidly dropped DNA’s to 10%! In July 2014 A Trust wide implementation plan commenced.


  • DNA reduction from 12% to 7.5%!
  • Improved access to care -attendance increased by 26,000
  • Income gains expected of 1 million in 2015/2016

Fantastic Delegate Feedback

‘Your event brought NHS Outpatients staff together and discussed problems that are at the forefront of the NHS’

‘Knowledgeable company with a good service. Already use text messaging. Look forward to future developments’