Digital Health Innovation Lab

‘There is no ‘digital strategy’ anymore, just strategy in a digital world.

Attend and learn about:

  • Achieving CIP and improving patient experience with digital appointment letters – instant delivery and confirm or rebook with 1 click!
  • The latest research on appointment management preferences of patients and paperless communication expectations
  • Digital letters case study: Peer presentation on Trust wide implementation leading to a 50% reduction in postal letters

What’s next? Introducing..

  • iChat to deliver seamless digital communications with PAS integration
  • AI & bots: to automate slot utilisation & improve efficiencies

On the agenda:

  • Peer presentations
  • Guest speakers
  • Workshops
  • Product demos

Where and When:
London: 22nd Feb, 2018 – Hallam Conference Centre

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Cost: free to NHS delegates and includes lunch, refreshments and giveaway packs

We encourage representatives from Global Digital Exemplar Trusts and Fast Followers to attend to support the spread of best practise and innovation.