We thoroughly enjoyed attending the FFT launch event and what a great line up of inspiring speakers, who really highlighted how much valuable insight has been gained since FFT implementation. What resonated through each talk was how even the smallest changes made in response to feedback has such a great impact on patient experience.

Speakers from Central London Community Healthcare (CLCH) offered a perfect example to reflect this. Through FFT feedback, CLCH learnt that patients with anxiety disorders found the ticking clock in the waiting room made them more anxious, so by simply replacing this with a silent clock, patients felt much more at ease. Their experience improved, achieving the ultimate goal of the FFT.

Director of Insight, Samantha Riley, highlighted localised flexibility, acknowledging that what works for one site may not work for another. Samantha also noted how positive feedback received has had such a great influence on staff morale! Samantha mentioned from October, a 90 second video will be available to show in waiting rooms to inform patients about FFT purpose – so keep that on your radar!