NHS England publish monthly Friends and Family Test results from Trusts countrywide. Reported statistics include patient Recommend scores and Response rate percentages.  Trusts can then use the data to benchmark performance against peers and form patient-centric KPI’s.

In November 2015, Healthcare Communications collected nationally:

  • 52% of all Outpatient responses
  • 45% of all Emergency Department responses

How? Variety is the Spice of Quality Survey Data

Our 15 years’ experience in patient communications has taught us one thing; no two patients are the same! Relying on one communication channel to gather quality data across demographics is simply not enough. To capture a true picture of Trust performance, volume and opinion from all patient cohorts is required.


  • The sample size needs to be large enough to pick on trends for evidence based decision making
  • To avoid bias in data, a mixed method ensures all demographics are given the opportunity to provide feedback and results are not skewed by communication preference
  • What’s imperative to one patient demographic, could be meaningless to another. E.g. A support rail in the shower for an older patient, is irrelevant to a younger demographic, however capturing this information from one channel may not be possible
  • Avoids discrimination! Not every patient has access to mobile or disability prevents a paper response

Our mission is to make sure you collect a big enough sample to get valid data at the lowest cost. Our metrics and Sentiment analysis tools will automatically disseminate results, so your team can focus on improvement hotspots flagged, rather than manual data analysis!

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