The Patient Experience Network (PEN) National awards are the first of their kind to celebrate and recognise the wonderful work of healthcare workers that think outside the box to deliver outstanding patient care.

On 11 March 2015 teams from across the country will come together to share best practise, praise innovative projects and gather new ideas to shape the future of patient care! Show staff that their passion matters and enter to win an award with 17 categories to choose from.

One category is Measuring, Reporting and Acting, aimed at patient experience initiatives and actions that make a difference. What better way to showcase yourFriends and Family Test projects! Our Trusts have embraced FFT and feedback has led to inspirational change to patient care – so why not enter your team!

We’d love to support our Trusts to receive the recognition their hard work deserves, so we’ll work with you to create a winning case study that shows the journey from the beginning to success.

Entries to this event are now closed.