Full patient coverage at the lowest possible cost

With the choice of multiple channels to reach patients, your Trust will achieve the highest connection rate at the most cost effective price possible!

 You will only ever be charged when patient communication is successful too!

Our intelligence uses the lowest cost communication channel first and will automatically fall over to the next mode if connection is not made.

Communicate with 100% of your patients by channel preference


Insights in an instant with the #1 NHS Friends and Family Test solution achieving over 35% response rates. Our Envoy software automatically collates, analyses and reports on feedback from all channels used to survey patients!

Local surveys, Mystery shopper and Inpatient surveys are effortlessly added to pick up on improvement hot spots using different metrics to prevent issues from snowballing!

Auto reports are all designed by NHS staff – visual graphs and high level stats are ‘meeting’ ready with the click of a button!


Our leading appointment confirmation and reminder service is reducing DNA (Did Not Attend) rates by over 40% and generating trust efficiencies of over £1 million for numerous clients. 

Patient responses are reported in Envoy software in real time and instantly displayed on the dashboard. Slots can quickly be reused with advance warning, increasing Trust income and reducing patient waiting times.

Up to 50% of patients miss their appointments simply because they forget!

Continuous patient communications along the pathway


Ensure patients are on track to meet 18 week RTT with appointment reminders at each stage. It is important to seek FFT feedback at each step to pinpoint where service issues lie and learn from best practise areas


High FFT response rates of over 40% using multiple channels! Release skilled staff from manually surveying and use technology to automate collection. Text patient pre assessment instructions to reduce on the day rebooks e.g. fasting


There is often no patient contact from decision to treat to point of surgery! 34% of ‘on the day’ DNA’s could of been identified before theatre day. Reduce the most expensive DNA’s with reminders and open up slots if patients no longer need surgery.

Post treatment

A follow up call to monitor progress reduces readmission by 20% and enhances patient experience. Support new care regimes with medication reminders and capture vital patient feedback on service.