Our leading appointment confirmation and reminder service is reducing DNA (Did Not Attend) rates by up to 30%. Patient responses are reported in real time, meaning slots can be reused to increase Trust income and reduce patient waiting times.

Our clients are reporting efficiencies generated of up to £1.5 million!

Our system is live in 60+ NHS Trusts including Acute, Mental Health and Community sites, securely delivering messages in line with patient demographics and Trust budgets.

What we do

1. Partial booking

Use low cost SMS and IVM messages to communicate with patients in line with your local rules. Both channels can support two-way conversational messaging to make it easy for patients to respond by their preference.

2. Digital appointment letters

Dramatically reduce postal and admin costs by offering patients the option of accessing appointment details via a secure patient portal. Patients can confirm, cancel and rebook with a single click, results are then reported back to the trust instantly. Hospital info and appointment instructions can be easily attached and a real time home to hospital map reduces on the day delay!

reminder phone

3. Appointment Reminders & Confirmations

The number 1 proven way to reduce Trust DNA’s! Use a mix of text, IVM and agent calls to contact 100% of your population and give every patient the opportunity to receive a reminder.  By doing so, waiting times reduce with the reuse of cancelled appointments and Trust income increases.

4. Pre admissions

Contact patients prior to their procedure to establish appointment intentions and check they have received specific instructions or medication. Suitable channels include Agent, SMS and IVM that can report back any areas of concern to the hospital and offer reassurance to patients.

5. Post-discharge

Reduce re-admission rates by 23% with a simple follow up call after patient discharge! Calls can monitor your patient’s progress and escalate any patient feedback requiring attention. Agent calls can ensure there have been no complications as well as help explain new care regimes.

6. Health messaging

Each module is supported with access to Health Messaging that delivers broadcast patient communications either by manual or bulk upload. This is widely used within short notice clinic cancellations, test results, campaigns and nurse bank services.