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Reduce the single biggest cost in your patient communication cycle!

Did you know that 80% of your transactional mail costs are consumed solely by post? Let us help you hit Cost Improvement targets by permanently reducing mailing costs with guaranteed results.

How ?

EnvoyPost is brilliantly efficient. We take your data, print your documents, sort them, and inject them into the Inbound Mail Centre (IMC). Because your mail is pre-sorted and injected at IMC level, we achieve supreme cost savings that we pass on to you. Huge savings are achieved in very little time!

  • Guaranteed results – 95% of post is delivered within a 2 day window
  • Greater efficiency and speed by working with a team that specialise in postal operations
  • Take the task off your plate so you can focus on what you do best
  • Reduced wear and tear and cost on Trust IT equipment
  • Quality assured – every letter is printed in compliant format using the industry’s best seeding system

We do what no other company can!

Take full advantage of our multi-channel options and reduce Trust costs even further by using effective and cheaper communication technology where possible. We intelligently combine postal and digital delivery of letters and use text and IVM to consistently communicate along the patient pathway.

Hybrid Mail

EnvoyPost: Effortless and Secure Mailings from your Desktop! 

Give staff an amazingly easy way to deliver appointment letters using existing programs like Microsoft word. Patient letters securely arrive on time by hitting PRINT on your desktop and leaving the rest to us. Best of all, there’s almost no change to how your team work and no training required!

Benefits at a glance

  • Built in letter head and stationery options reduce staff time spent of formatting and creating letters
  • Significantly reduce postage costs – siginificantly lower than Royal Mail costs
  • More efficient use of time – free staff to concentrate on more valuable tasks, and not printing and stuffing envelopes
  • Less printing in-house means less cost all round! Less toner, paper and letterhead needs. Plus Few printers and few printer problems. Trust IT teams are happy too, printer related errors dramatically reduce!
  • Processes become streamlined and efficient with the ability to standardise and track letters, decrease postal estate and effortlessly mail merge multi pages and inserts

Once you’ve created the mailing, simply click File, Print and off you go! Making it easy for your team to deliver consistent and compliant mailings!