Patients and Clinicians can now attend appointments ‘virtually’ anywhere

Our eClinic video consultation platform enables clinicians to convert entire clinic lists to virtual appointments. Healthcare workers can also use the platform to immediately assess urgent patients who cannot attend in person.


  • No app download or software installation for patient or clinician
  • Patients can access using any device – smartphone, laptop and tablet
  • Clinician led – scheduled or instant appointments
  • Finishes with a star survey to rate the session
  • Highly secure with audit trail – meets GDPR requirements
  • Sound, visual and connectivity checks are undertaken throughout the consultation
  • Patients don’t wait ‘virtually’ online for lengthy periods, immediate connection


Clinician to patient consultations

Assess urgent patients who cannot attend in person

Emergency care, NHS 111 and triage

Clinician to clinician consultation and support

Post surgery checks

Waiting list initiatives, no clinic rooms required




  • Reduce missed appointments – much easier for patients to attend online rather than in person
  • First in with current systems – immediate set up, no lengthy implementation
  • Reduce surgery readmission with follow up video consultations
  • Improves patient experience – take the hassle and expense out of attending appointments
  • Reduces staff and clinic room requirements – clinicians can participate in sessions without occupying a specific OP clinic space
  • Enables patients with complex needs to easily connect with clinicians
  • Sophisticated analytics overview of appointment activity from user to trust view


‘By 2024 up to 30 million outpatient appointments will be undertaken virtually’

NHS 10 year plan


Eliminates travel & parking costs

Easy access for remote & housebound patients

Reduces the need for childminding

No need to take time off work

No wasted time in waiting rooms

See all the features in 2 min video