Attend healthcare appointments virtually anywhere 
– with live translation in over 100 languages –

The multi-award winning eClinic video consultation platform seamlessly integrates with PAS and automatically sends appointment reminders, just as if the patient was attending in person.

Healthcare professionals can automatically convert and schedule entire clinic lists to virtual appointments or instantly connect with urgent patients who cannot attend in person. 


Deliver inclusive, virtual care at scale with: 

  • Enables patients to translate sessions live, in 100+ languages
  • Patients can connect on any browser using smartphone, laptop or tablet
  • 1 click access with no software or app download for patient or clinician
  • Star rating survey for both users to continuously measure virtual care experience
  • Virtual waiting room: patients can continue with their day until session starts
  • Sound, WiFi and visual checks to ensure high quality session
  • Multi attendees: Up to 10 people can be on a session


All the tools healthcare professionals need:

  • Send a one-time invitation link via SMS or email to patients
  • Take photo snapshots during the session to monitor treatment progress
  • Share their screen with patients when appropriate e.g. show x-rays
  • Use the chat function to share self-care PDF’s and video links to manage patient conditions
  • Record and store session, photos and annotations for further analysis or career development 
  • Live analytics dashboard of appointment activity from clinician to hospital wide view


“The ability to provide clear instructions to the patient by in-consultation text chat and transferring information leaflets using the file transfer facility has made this mode of consultation safer. The ability to share the screen to show the patients their x-rays etc has also proved to be invaluable.”

Dr Muhammad Javed, Consultant Paediatrician and CCIO at Walsall Healthcare NHS Trust


Enabling patient-centric virtual care

  • Reduce missed appointments: takes the hassle and expense out of attending appointments in person
  • Reduces staff and clinic room requirements: clinicians can participate in sessions without occupying OP space
  • Enables patients with complex needs to easily connect with clinicians
  • Maintain workforce: self-isolating clinicians can continue seeing patients from any location
  • Removes transport barriers: patients who live rurally, have mobility issues or carer responsibilities can now securely attend appointments from the comfort of their home
  • Patient safety for everyone: high risk patients where English is a second language can attend appointments remotely, without the need for a translator


See how easy it is for Henry to attend his follow up appointment virtually.