Empower patients to manage their care, whether at home, work or elsewhere, with the convenience of their smartphone or tablet. In return, capacity significantly opens up for patients with complex needs to see their clinical team.

Give patients a choice of simple, easy to use initiation channels

Allow patients to communicate with you over the web, phone, SMS, and Apple messages via Apple Business Chat API

Build on your patients’ digital confidence and engagement

  • Workflows are designed for specific clinical requirements and intelligently automated
  • Test results returned to patients digitally to create a record of their care journey in one hub
  • Automate trigger messages to patients at key milestones along their pathway
  • Establish how patients can attend their appointment, either by video, phone or face to face
  • Send patients videos, PDF’s and links to support self-care and help reduce re-admission
  • Enable patients to provide feedback on their PIFU experience with scheduled surveys
  • Patients can initiate a follow up consultation 24/7 to access care quicker

Feedback is received by the hospital in real-time, enabling a fast response to those patients in crisis, or providing advice where necessary.

Personalise how patients self manage their conditions with initiation channels accessible to EVERY patient

An infographic describing the benefits of the different channels we offer to NHS patients