Activate patients to become partners in their care with self initiated follow up management

Empower patients to manage their care from anywhere with the convenience of their smartphone or tablet. In return, PIFU is proven to lead to better outcomes and less hospital visits, whilst releasing capacity for patients that need face to face appointments.

Elevate your patient’s experience with:

  • A choice of channels to engage with their care team, including portal, online, chat bot & voice
  • The ability to initiate their follow up 24/7 for quicker response times
  • Automated check ins triggered at key milestones
  • Option to convert digital text to 99 languages
  • Online self-care support: send videos, PDFs and links to help manage conditions
  • Test results returned digitally, creating a care record in their personal health hub

Care teams can:

  • Improve patient satisfaction by removing routine appointments that don’t add any health value
  • Reduce back log by releasing unnecessary follow up slots
  • Schedule feedback surveys to capture new pathways insights
  • Gain valuable time back with automated workflows
  • Safeguard patients with check ins that flag at risk patients
  • Customise PIFU pathways to speciality and clinical needs

“PIFU is the perfect model for managing long-term conditions such as endometriosis. It means that those patients who are well won’t need to see us unnecessarily and those that do need treatment will have access to care. It’s improving the overall patient experience and will ultimately lead to better care for our patients.”

Dr Marianne Wild, consultant obstetrician and gynaecologist
Homerton University Hospital FT

Case study: Digital PIFU for Endometriosis patients

Endometriosis patients at Homerton University Hospital now have greater control of their care
following the launch of its digital PIFU care pathway.

  • The service automatically triggers digital questionnaires via the Patient Portal at three, six and nine month intervals, when patients would normally attend a face-to-face appointment
  • Responses are instantly available for review, enabling the hospital to call patients that require active management to attend a face-to-face appointment and releasing capacity for additional urgent appointment requests.
  • Patients can access the questionnaires at any time to report flares in their condition or worrying symptoms. These are immediately triaged, resulting in faster access to clinicians

Our solution enables tech savvy patients to use the latest engagement channels, and those not digitally enabled can initiate their appointment by phone – plus it’s entirely automated!