Patient portal  – the one stop shop for patients

The latest innovation, the Patient Portal delivers digital appointment letters via a single text and secure mini URL link. Patients can access all appointment information digitally – anytime and anywhere!

Once the patient engages with the digital letter, they can register to receive all communications in one hub and view past and future appointment details.

The best bit?

NHS Trusts are reporting cost savings of over 50%!  No paper, print or postal costs apply and if a patient doesn’t access the portal within 24 hours, a postal letter is automatically sent. Staff love it too; their time is no longer wasted on inserting envelopes and coordinating post and can focus on improving care.

Access from: Smartphone, tablets and desktops

The Patient Portal will:

  • Give appointment time, date and location
  • Get an instant confirm, rebook or cancel – with one click from the patient
  • Interactive home to hospital Google map with live travel info to prevent on the day patient delays
  • Attach any additional information such as leaflets, directions, and pre assessment instructions
  • Put the appointment directly into patient’s digital calendar as a further reminder prompt
  • Enable patients to add speech, reading and translation options in 99 languages to digital text. The software supports patient accessibility and reduces Trust translation and printing costs for leaflets
  • Include a barcode/QR code to enable patients to self-check in for a smoother arrival process for staff and patients
  • Access NHS choices tools and services to help manage conditions and support healthier lifestyles with 1 click

Delivery to the patient is instant and the Trust receives a digital receipt when the patient opens their letter.

‘It’s a great idea, really easy to use and I like the ease of system and link to mobile calendar” 
-Patient, Portsmouth Hospitals NHS Trust

How do patients prefer to receive Trust communications?

In Aug 2015, You Gov produced the report, Digital NHS Health Check: The Citizen’s View. Part of the report focused on how the British public would like to receive their appointment reminder.

In which of the following ways would you prefer to receive a reminder about your appointment date?

Not applicable – I would not want to receive a reminder about my appointment
By post
By phone
By email
By text

The research reveals patients favour digital communications. 58% of respondents prefer a text reminder and 36% by email. However, 20% of those surveyed still like to be reminded by phone and 17% by post, supporting integrated communications to reach all patient groups.