Provide your patients with a real time booking service at their fingertips! Patients can conveniently self-schedule and change appointments within a few taps on their smartphone – and the entire workflow is intelligently automated, freeing staff from manual booking admin.


Patients want more ownership over their care, digital tools empower this reality!

  • Self-select a suitable appointment date & time
  • Get answers to queries about their visit
  • Seamlessly switch to staff member if required
  • Self-check in when a QR code is included
  • Choose attendance preference – virtual or in person
  • Sync with personal calendars to prompt attendance
  • Available around the clock, 24/7 service


AI-powered tech that talks to the patient conversationally, just like you would!

Virtual scheduling assistants can manage thousands of booking, rescheduling, and cancellation requests simultaneously! Patients receive instant replies in a friendly and natural tone, with the opportunity to ask further questions about their appointment – creating a genuinely helpful and valuable booking alternative.

The option to self-schedule is not suitable for every pathway and the ability to choose an appointment time or rebook can be tailored to patient speciality, treatment urgency and care plan.


The premium scheduling experience that gives staff time back to patient care

  • Save 1000s of hours on manual admin
  • Reduce DNAs with a hassle-free patient rebooking service
  • Seamlessly integrates with your EPR, portals & PHR
  • Automation transforms waiting list management
  • Dramatically reduces inbound calls
  • Powerful analytics capture useful insight on patient behaviour
  • You decide patient pathway suitability


Encourage attendance to screening services and essential check ups by proactively triggering appointment messages with date options for patients to easily book with 1 tap on their smartphone!

Add the Rescheduling Assistant across digital channels patients use every day!