Up to 50% of patients miss appointments simply because they forget! Our reminder prompt is proven to reduce Did Not Attends by over 30% and generate Trust efficiencies of over £1 million a year.

Digital Patient Conversations

Patient attendance can increase by over 20,000 a year by giving patients the option to respond with REBOOK/CANCEL/CONFIRM using their channel preference. The knock on effect is increased tariff payments and better patient care by using cancelled appointments to reduce waiting times.

It’s how you say it! Our trusts are reducing DNA’s by a further 20% with a tweak to reminder message content, ask us how!

What your Trust can achieve! 

  • Calderdale & Huddersfield Trust reduced DNA’s from 9.3% to 6.3%, generating reoccurring annual savings of £1.48 million!
  • Leeds Teaching Hospitals Trust increased patient attendance by 23,000 and generated efficiencies of £1.5 million in 1 year!
  • East Sussex generated Trust income of £1.3 million and reduced DNA’s from 12.3% to 7.8%

What else can your Trust use Envoy for? 

Envoy Messenger software offers much more than outpatient reminders and confirmations. The messaging portal and channels are used throughout  hospitals for both patient and staff communications, including:

  • Partial booking – Improve attendance rates and increase appointment flexibility for staff and patient
  • Clinic utilisation and short notice clinics – quickly fill appointment slots with 1 SMS blast to 1000’s of patients
  • Cancelled clinics – prevent patient disatisifaction with advanced warning
  • Inpatients/admissions -prevent DNA’s on expensive theatre slots
  • Results – Text ‘negative’ results to save patient time on revisiting clinics and open up appointment slots
  • Call-back requests and live call transfers

Other messaging options include:

  • Medical staffing/Nurse Bank – Fill work shifts in the most cost effective and timely way possible!
  • Patient surveys – Make it easy for patients to report back on improvement areas and best practice
  • Adverse weather conditions – Prevent poor patient experience and lengthy delays by informing patients about travel issues
  • Trust staff updates – Communicate 1 message to shift staff and different departments with the click of a button