Reassure patients and achieve your waiting list targets:

  • Rapidly communicate with all patients on your waiting list
  • Triage conditions to risk stratify, determine P value, and prioritise care
  • Ready-to-go communication templates
  • eTriage instantly delivered to patient’s smartphones
  • Regular automated status messages to long waiters
  • Receive consolidated, real-time reports of all patient responses
  • Translate digital content into 99 languages & read-aloud into 46
Multi channel communications

Ensure that patients with limited access to digital channels are not at a disadvantage, and ALL patients can be risk stratified based on need. With Healthcare Communications, patients can engage across multiple devices and channels, making journey orchestration and communication fast, easy and inclusive.

Automatically switch to another channel if the patient is not digitally enabled

Implement with ease using our pre-built templates for each patient communication step in recovery

Pre built communication templates for easy implementation

We can help with your Waiting Well initiative

Improve your patient’s waiting list experience with the reassurance that they have not been forgotten about, and provide NHS advice and guidance for managing their conditions.

We can generate automated, scheduled check-ins on long waiters through digital or physical letters and questionnaires, to ensure patients can wait for an appointment without harm, or red flag patients where conditions are worsening and in need of urgent care.

NHS Trusts across the UK are already taking the Healthcare Communications multi-channel approach to efficiently manage waiting lists and are now ready to go with Outpatients and Diagnostics validation in 2021.

Manchester University NHS Foundation Trust are forecast to validate their elective waiting list in just 4 weeks after 84% of eligible patients completed a digital triage form