As Carestream Dental’s messaging partner, our integrated Envoy Messenger software for Dentists is live in over 1,000 patient-focused practices resulting in a patient population footprint of over 8 million.

Our unique messaging service

Together, we continue to deliver the following benefits through our unique messaging service:

  • Reduce Fail To Attends (FTAs) by between 20% and 40%
  • Increase units of activity – gain 12 days a year!
  • Reduce admin costs – save on post, send texts for recalls
  • Improve patient experience
  • Help is available to provide outstanding patient service within the community

Unique R4 integration

By using R4 integration, admin costs can be reduced in two key ways:

  • Automated recalls – these can be set to run automatically, replacing the need to send out letters
  • Two-way patient messaging – Patients can easily reply to an appointment reminder when they need to cancel the appointment. The reply is sent directly into the appointment diary, no admin required!