hc-patient-experiences-300x90Instant Patient Feedback

Why is it so vital to gather patient feedback? Studies show that involving patients in their care leads to better health outcomes and high levels of staff satisfaction.

The Friends and Family Test

How we do it: Text, online, IVM, Agent call, paper and kiosk (any or all options)

  • All feedback is automatically collected in real time!
  • Instant analysis and reporting created in numerous formats (charts, pie charts, graphs) with one click!
  • Live trending positive & negative keywords alert staff to reoccurring issues for quick reaction.
  • High level results, reports and charts are easily downloadable in PDF/Excel and ‘meeting’ ready
  • Choose up 10 themes based on trust focus areas
  • Sentiment analysis automatically RAG rates positive and negative phrases within 1 patient comment
  • Real time alerts flag issues based on keyword or rating that require urgent attention

Stand out features: Patients can leave a themed voice recording on care experience. Play at boardroom meetings for ‘goose bump’ evoking impact on senior management.

green loud speaker
  • Inbuilt ‘You Said, We Did’ posters to easily showcase improvements made based on patient feedback!
  • Time and location comparison reports to understand the impact of day or shift and service variances between departments. This encourages learning from best practise and highlights team efforts.

Click the speaker to hear real patient feedback left on IVM patient voices!

Local Surveys

How we do it: SMS, IVM for recommended for shorter surveys. Agent calls, online and paper for longer surveys.

Delve deeper into issues constantly flagged in FFT and highlight Trust improvement hot spots to prioritise. Compare and link to FFT results to pick up on common themes across surveys.

Stand out features: Heat map alerts you to areas that require immediate attention, where to monitor and best practise to learn from

  • Cross tabulation: Analyse the relationship between two variables or more. For example age and frequency of visits.  Extremely important to understand what matters most to care experience for different demographics.

FFT Staff Surveys

 How we do it: All options available. For the highest response rates we recommend online, text or paper!

Compare patient and staff results to correlate patient recommends with staff satisfaction levels. Important to give staff an anonymous voice to highlight training gaps, safety issues and general well-being.

Patient Experience User Group Network

User experience sparks our development and we regularly run events to ensure we continue to create the most useful tools. This also gives our clients the opportunity to learn from other Trusts and share challenges faced. The agenda includes peer presenters sharing best practise and influential healthcare guest speakers to support our clients continuously learning.

These events create networks around the country with staff visiting colleague sites to see operations and join forces to overcome common issues. It’s all part of our service – including a free lunch!