FFT highlights the what, Local surveys find out the why!

Focus on finding out the ‘why’ with specific survey questions centred on improvement hot spots, so your team can then confidently drive change in this area. Socially inclusive, multi-channel communications ensure you never leave a patient behind. 

Communication channels to suit EVERY patient

Our clever Envoy software does: 

  • Responsive design: Surveys can be answered on any mobile device. Increase response rates by texting survey links and patients can easily answer on their phone or Ipad
  • Heat map: Visual big picture, makes instant sense of immense data and red flags service issues
  • Real time: Results reported instantly and real-time alerts onheat-map-ls2 feedback that requires immediate staff attention
  • Skip logic: Changes what question a patient sees next based on how they answer the current question. Avoid survey abandonment and create a better survey experience!
  • Multi language and inclusive surveys: Avert survey bias and give every patient a voice with a variety of inclusive options including instant translation into 99 languages. Engage every patient with options to have surveys read aloud, or enlarge and highlight digital text for those with visual impairments

Create and launch your own survey in minutes with Self-Serve Surveys, and ensure patient experience collection adapts to new appointment channels.

  • Design an unlimited number of your own surveys or choose from an extensive library of engaging templates, with our instinctive and easy to use technology
  • Survey options enable FFT mandatory questions to be automatically added, and directs these responses to the right dashboard
  • A variety of customisable question types including multiple choice, freetext, numeric scoring and more, with no minimum or maximum limit

Analyse on demand with a big picture view or deep dive into the details


  • League rank tables: Rank wards and performance with scores and colour coding. Users can understand where and what to focus resources and training on e.g. call bell waiting times
  • Trend analysis reports: Shows trends between numerous reporting periods and see the impact of improvements made based on previous feedback
  • Question comparison report: Compare two or more variables to understand what affects care experience across demographics e.g. age and communication preference. Tailor improvements to different patient groups.
  • Benchmarking tool: Rank wards and performance with scores and colour coding, pinpointing where resources should be focused
  • Create surveys including questions from the NHS national survey. Measure improvements against national survey weakness areas highlighted
  • Rapid distribution of ready-made downloadable feedback reports featuring visual representations and breakdowns, available in PDF and Excel

We take care of communications, you focus on transforming patient care

Mini Case study: Southend University Trust recruited Patient Mystery shoppers to report back on service received at each touch point. Recruits are actual service users who volunteer to be actively involved in improving services. Feedback is given through our online surveys and instantly analysed. ‘You said, We Did’ actions include: WiFi roll out in oncology wards due to frustration of patients unable to pass the time on the internet, a trial of partners staying overnight in maternity wards and updating the food menu to include options for breastfeeding mothers.

Client Feedback

‘It’s excellent to offer our Patient Experience Mystery shoppers a much quicker and user friendly way to provide feedback. We originally started with paper forms, but having the online surveys is a much more cost effective and quicker way to obtain feedback.’

Louise McIver, Patient Experience Manager – Southend University Hospital NHS Foundation Trust