Our team

Kirsty Newsham

Operations Manager

Excited by creating efficiencies and process improvement, Kirsty is driven to discover new ways to improve Trust operations and provide first class service to our clients.

Mark Broughton

Head of Contract Sales

Self-motivated and goal driven.  I enjoy the challenge and variety that my role offers in supporting clients to hit targets and reduce costs through digital efficiency.

Jamie Carroll

Development team Leader

Physicist at heart, Jamie likes to explore new and exciting opportunities, discover emerging technologies and leads the development team towards innovative solutions.

Val Brown

HR Consultant

Business growth – desirable but tough to achieve! A natural change agent, I have a great job to coach & develop leaders to break the limitations of past experience and achieve extraordinary results.

Kenny Bloxham

Commercial Director

A target driven individual who sees anything as possible. An enthusiastic motivator who is proactive and strategic in his approach and can adapt to a challenging environment to deliver success.