#1 market leader in patient communications

Many organisations cater to several market sectors with a ‘one size fits all’ approach. This is what sets us apart, our technology adapts to your needs, not the other way round! Our developers produce ‘Wow’ products based simply on NHS user feedback and trusted technology.

We focus on excelling in Appointment Management and Patient Experience surveys and align with NHS England objectives to leverage technology to enhance patient experience and increase efficiencies.

Underpinning every part of our operations is data security and we send over 120 million secure patient communications a year.

You asked for it! We’re the first to deliver digital letters straight to patients smartphones, saving potentially millions in postal costs!

Event pic OP EventUser Group Events bring our clients together

User experience sparks our development and we regularly run events to seek and harness NHS needs. This also gives our clients the opportunity to learn from other Trusts and share challenges faced.

These events create networks around the country with staff visiting colleague sites to see operations and join forces to overcome common issues. It’s all part of our service – including a free lunch!

Our Skills

From humble beginnings with a team of 5 back in 2000, we now employ over 60 bright sparks! Our software developers amazingly transform our ‘I just want it to do this and quickly’ into a reality.

Our fully managed service has our best people on the front line. Our service delivery teams are IT specialists with a wealth of experience in NHS project implementations. Your first contact is with a support engineer who owns and resolves your query from the get go!

Part of our team previously worked in NHS operational and managerial roles. They understand your pressures of balancing patient experience against tough CIP targets and play a crucial role in shaping new product features to  achieve objectives.

Our Achievements

2015 Winner IT & the Welsh Language Award  Betsi Cadwaladr University Health Board

Featured on ‘Effective IT Solutions in Healthcare’ Program


Proud Supporter of the Patient Experience Network Awards 2015 & 2016